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About Troop 162

Troop 162 is the North Hampton, NH Boy Scout troop. The troop was formed over 70 years ago (1940), and since then has seen countless scouts. Each year we get between 5 and 8 boys that cross over from the local Cub Scout pack to our troop. During a scout's first year in the troop, the older scouts work with them to teach the new scouts essential skills of scouting. After the first year, scouts become more independent, seeking out merit badges and opportunities for further advancement.

Our troop has seen many, many scouts since our founding in 1940.  It is impossible to keep a record of every scout that has come through this troop, but we do have a list of those scouts who made the rank of Eagle Scout.
Click here to see a list of Troop 162 Eagle Scouts.

So What Exactly is Boy Scouting?

Boy Scouts is a program for boys aged 11 to 18 who want to have fun learning new skills and exploring the outdoors. "Scouting is Outing" is what we like to say. In scouting, boys get a chance to experience the outdoors in new ways by cooking, eating, and sleeping under the stars. Scouts also learn useful skills such as knot tying, lashing, orienteering, and much more.

For information on scouting and to learn how to register, visit the council website at www.nhscouting.org

How does Boy Scouts Work?

Boy Scouts is organized in different levels, the highest one being National. Below National are the smaller Councils, we are the Daniel Webster Council, and then Districts, we are part of the Historic District. Within each District there are many troops. Troops are the highest level in which youth are directly involved. Each troop is divided into smaller patrols. Patrols are usually between 5 and 12 scouts and they travel together and do activities as a small group instead of the entire troop. Troop 162 is relatively small, with only about 20 boys, and three patrols. However, being small can have its perks! We tend to be able to do more fun activities like rock climbing, canoeing, and hiking because we don't have a large group to get around. Also, our attendance percentage is much higher! Boy Scouts is a great activity for any boy who loves the outdoors and loves having fun!

What is the Order of the Arrow?

The Order of the Arrow, or OA, is the National Honor Society of the BSA. The OA was formed in 1915 by Dr. E Urner Goodman to commemorate those scouts who exemplified the ideals of scouting. Scouts can be elected by their troop members to be a part of the OA. Scouts who are elected are those who show scout spirit in everything they do and embody the Scout Law and Oath.

The OA consists of three levels and is entirely boy-led, though adults can be members. The three levels are Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil Honor. Ordeal and Brotherhood are achieved by performing cheerful service at one of two Induction weekends hosted by our local Lodge. Visit the lodge site at  www.nhscouting.org/oa to learn more.

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