We realize there is a lot of new information to absorb when joining Scouting BSA. For Cub Scouts crossing over to BSA, there are a lot of things that will be familiar, but there is much that is different. In an effort to make the transition as easy as possible, we have assembled the most frequently needed material in one convenient place. We recommend you start here and venture forth at your own pace. Welcome to Troop 162!

Registration Package

The following information needs to be completed and submitted at time of registration.

Introductory Information

Basic information to help new scout families get oriented.

Equipment Signout Sheet

Motor Vehicle Affidavit

Resource Survey

Unit Money Earning Application

Personal Equipment List

Troop Financial Policy

Troop Organization Hierarchy

Winter Camping

Annual Dues

Annual Planning Worksheet

Meeting Plan Template

Patrol Planning Package

Personal Rembursement

Use Funds from ISA

Annual Health and Medical Record

Application - Adult

Application - MB Counselor

Application - Member Transfer

Application - Youth

Guide - Leaders - Camp Bell

Guide - Leaders - Hidden Valley

Guide - Parents - GSR

Guide to Safe Scouting

New Rank Requirements Insert

Uniform Inspection - Adult

Uniform Inspection - Youth

BSA Eagle Scout Application

BSA Eagle Scout Project Workbook

DWC Life Scout Letter

DWC Life-to-Eagle Instructions

Eagle Palm Application

Eagle Scout Flow Chart

Eagle Scout Signatures

Guide to Advancement

Guide to Safe Scouting

Information for Project Beneficiaries

Time Extension for Eagle

What is an Eagle Coach?